The service offered by SSCI is simple, transparent and student oriented. We are known to give professional guidance with a familial touch, where students feel comfortable and are forthcoming in interacting with us. Our aim is to guide students in the best way possible and provide them with a solution that meets their objectives. Our USP is that we guide students according to their profile. We provide alternatives and give the student the power to decide the best. These alternatives are not random but are backed with thorough knowledge, data and experience.

The services that we offer are

University Selection
Selection of universities is based on the student's profile, meaning - academic performance, work experience, teaching or research experience and test scores. This apart, we also keep the student's preferences in mind and work on the best choices. This selection is based on data, knowledge and experience gathered over the years. We help in eliminating confusion and therefore save time for the students.
» Online and paper based applications
» Additional forms if necessary
» Score reporting
» Despatching the documents to the universities
SOP & Resume
Guidance in writing the statement of purpose and resume. We believe that this is one of the most important documents in the application process. We understand what the universities are looking for and guide students on the same.
Assisting in tracking application status in individual universities.
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